Why I love Pacifica!

For the last year or so I've consistently used the wellbeing app Pacifica to manage my Depression and Anxiety. It includes daily tools for stress and anxiety alongside a supportive community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation. I particularly like the mood tracking feature, it helps me realise when my Depression is worse than usual.  It is very simple and has constant instructions throughout the app. In the past I've used the community feature which helped me find tips to cope.
The app isn't great for visually impaired people because there's no option at all to change the text. VoiceOver works okay on there though. Thankfully the simple layout is easy to use and quick meaning my joints don't have to work so hard!
I would recommend the app to people feeling like life is too overwhelming. Meditating has helped me learn to breathe my way through panic attacks and prevent them! The Hope board allows me to remind myself that there are good days! Jour…

In memory of Olivia Lannoo

  Last Saturday balloons were let off worldwide in memory of Olivia Lannoo. 
  Olivia a 21 year old from Belgium fighting Neuromyelitis Optica passed away on Saturday 20th of May. The news came as a shock to us all despite knowing she was really unwell. Her resilience and power to overcome the toughest hurdles lead us to believe nothing could defeat her. Sadly, due to Neuromyelitis Optica complications we have lost our flamboyant star! She aspired to help others, become an OT, raise awareness and show off her make up art. Throughout her fight against NMO Olivia remembered to stay strong and be positive. She was an overcomer, thriver, warrior, talented and so much more. Even through photos her beauty shined through with that great big smile.
  I spent time working on a few projects with Olivia like Spoonie Spotlight where she shared her story and #VisiblyInvisible, a project showing what make up means to chronically ill people. I admire Olivia for being a young woman raising awareness of…

Share Your Story - Spoonie Spotlight

What is Spoonie Spotlight?

 Spoonie Spotlight is a project ran by @youngpeople_chronicillnesses on Instagram. Our goal is to help shed some light on the stories of people living with chronic, invisible, physical, mental, terminal illnesses and disabilities. These topics are largely misunderstood and we want to help educate others, offer support and give people the chance to find answers. We have posted over 200 stories so far and receive around 5 stories a day, we try to post 2 a day and edit a few a week. As you can imagine that's a lot for our editors to handle so we take our time! Sharing stories is so powerful because it let's people know that they are NOT alone. 

Here's how you or anyone you know can share their story.
You're welcome to send your story whenever, this project is ongoing so there is no rush!
Email it
Send us a photo of yourself or something medical related in your life.
Include your Instagram name but if you don…

Warrior training.-My Story

My name is Niamh, I'm 15, fromnthenUK and this is my story. 
From the day I was born I had issues with my health. I was born with Choanal atresia,  a congenital disorder where the back of the nasal passage is blocked with abnormal tissue. I had it in both nostrils and it was preventing me from breathing. As soon as they realised I was then rushed into surgery for the first of 9 surgeries. By the time I was 3 my surgeries were complete but I still have issues to this day. I have to spray medication up my nostrils everyday to keep them from drying up, 8 can't blow my nose and when I sneeze it's like an explosion.  I spent the years of having surgery  with stents in my nose to keep the holes from closing up, which I didn't enjoy so I would pull them out and frustrate the doctors. Typical me. We thought that after such a "traumatic" start to life that this would be it for my health complications, wrong. 
Have you ever thought what it would be like to wake up sick o…

30 Day Chronix Illness Challenge Made By cFS_Zombie 6/6

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge 6/6

Day 26 What impact has this had on your friends, family, partner parents etc? It's just as hard for me as it is for them. They see me at my worst. It can be rather frightening to think about how unpredictable my future is and if I'll still be there to enjoy their milestones. It's hard for everyone I have the disease but they have me there for we come as a package deal buy me get NMO free. 

Day 27 What's the most helpful advice you have had?  You can do anything you just have to do it differently  - my VI support 1-2-1 Listen to your body- my VI 1-2-1

Day 28  Name 5 things you have achieved despite your illness.  Looking like a normal, happy, healthy person  Getting good grades at school  Making friends STRENGTH BRAVERY 

DAY 29 What has helped you cope with the stress of this life? Knowing I am not alone in this.  I've turned it into a rather positive experience by helping others  cope with similar issues. 

Day 30 And finally... starting at your to…

Advice on dealing with a chronic illness and education.

Laying around in bed and waiting for doctors appointments gives you a lot of time. For many young people with chronic illnesses this time is spent wondering about their future and trying to plan life around their health. People take being educated for granted but like a lot of other things once you loose that ability you realise how much you really wish you could do it. Finding ways to make it work while balancing all of your other priorities is a really daunting  thought for the person, staff and family.  
I have asked my followers on Instagram @youngpeople_chronicillnesses for their advice on how to cope with education and health to enjoy a better quality of life. 

People are going to ask questions and you will be misunderstood, be open and honest about your health. Provide people with helpful links, booklets and your own knowledge. If you use any helping aids and people look at you weirdly just smile, it's curiosity. 
Don't be afraid to ask for help from your p…

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge 4/6

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge 4/6

Day 16 What's your favorite inspirational quote ? You are tougher  than life is! Be a voice not an echo.

Day 17 How would things be different if you weren't ill? I can't even imagine that. I would not be who I am today nowhere near. Which is quite weird to be honest. I love who I'm becoming. Forever changing. 

Day 18 Do you think you have become a better person through being ill? Explain. I really do I believe that this illness has  shaped who I am. I would not have empathy or any understanding of chronic illness without this. I've learnt to make sure people don't feel alone in their fight which I couldn't do without going through this. This is me and this is my life I wouldn't change anything. 

Day 19 How do you feel about the future? Uneasy. I tend to take each hour as it comes.  I do try to plan things because I know there's a way to do everything you just have to do them differently. It's hard to think about the futur…